Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Journey Began with..

I have been reading The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. I'm on chapter 3 of it now and I am liking the concepts that the book goes through. Though, I would love to see it as more of a manuscript than a novel about a guy on a spiritual journey. Still, it's a good book.

My spiritual journey began at home with long discussions with my Mom. During my first year or two in college she sent me a series of three emails about the Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Creation, and the Law of Allowing. I have to say that they changed my life. They have also helped a few other people find their way as well. After that I started figuring out myself in terms of who I am and where/what I want to be "when I grow up". I think I have it mostly sorted. I didn't really start delving into my spirituality again until the end of 2007, which is about a decade after it all started.

I was going through a rough spot trying to figure out the reason for recent events in my life. I looked at it from all angles and even tried to meditate on it, but I was blocked. I went to the store for some gifts for my flatmate's birthday and randomly decided to take a look at the books on the rack. I came across The Secret. I laughed to myself and thought, "what's the big secret?" and opened up the book. There before me was the Law of Attraction in all of its glory and I immediately knew that I had to purchase it.

After delving into the secret I moved on to the teachings of Abraham and Esther-Hicks. I listened to the story of how Abraham presented themselves as a spiritual entity and was extremely moved. From that point I was pretty excited and have incorporated what I learned from The Secret and Abraham into my life today. I have successfully used what knowledge I gained during my final exams for the past couple of years with good results. I dropped 90% of the stress that I would usually have and learned to cruise along and do well in my exams. It was a breath of fresh air.

My next book was The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. All I can say that on a very deep level, I know that the words in that book ring true. As I read it, I found myself agreeing with virtually all of it.

My spirituality grows on a daily basis and I am excited about where I'm going with it. Of course I still have things that I have to work on in order to break throgh some boundaries that still remain but I am confident that I will overcome them when I am ready to. It's a good feeling.

My biggest problem was my ego which has been a strong occupier of my thoughts and I still have little battles with myself on a daily basis. The difference is that I am now aware of it and I can catch my ego trying to get me caught up in its web and I can stare it down and smile knowingly at it. That is usually enough to make it subside for the time being.

This is the physical history of my spiritual journey. The deeper discoveries will have to wait for a different time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random thoughts of consciousness

It's been a while since my last post. I think this is because I've had other things occupy my mind for a while. I've had other outlets for my thoughts about my spirituality pop up in my life, and I've learned more about my self: my conscious self, my ego and my super-conscious self. It's funny that these three things occupy the same space (my brain) and seem to be almost seamless at first glance. The thing is, the more read and learn about myself, the more I realize how separate each of those parts of Me are. More importantly, I am learning how to separate them and look at them separately.

There are too many things that I've learned to go through in this one post, and I think perhaps I may continue writing my thoughts down to share with whoever stumbles upon this blog.

What I wanted to write about tonight was a conversation I had with someone last night. This was someone I barely knew who opened up to me and shared with me her life-changing epiphany. It made me realize that we are both on the same path to discover our own spirituality. She made the same conclusion that I made when I was about her age. If you love yourself and truly believe that you are a good person then it shouldn't matter what other people think of you. It was one of the first "freedoms" that I discovered on this path of discovering myself. Once you realize that you are okay as you, you are set free of trying to conform to society's social norms.

I've been "free" like this for so long that it feels natural. Finding out that someone else has stepped on the same stone and figured out the same thing is a wonderful feeling. I have found many other people heading in the same direction of self-discovery.

The world is truly about to go through a spiritual revolution. It's a super-conscious awakening that is a huge global phenomenon and it's going to hit those who are unprepared like a ton of bricks.

There are those who will be left fighting against the current, fighting against the very essence of life; and there are those who will be gleefully gliding with the current and letting it sweep them away into ecstasy.

Once awakened and aware, it is so easy to pick those people out who are still fighting with themselves and with the natural flow of this life stream. They are like rocks jutting out of the water where the life stream flows down and butts up against them and diverges around them creating a small spot of turbulence that is easy to pick out once you know what to look for.

Some of them are avidly fighting against the current, some are standing and facing upstream, but others have their heads turned and are contemplating letting the river take them. All you have to do is let go.