Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Keep That Positive Feeling

I recently wrote a post on staying positive by changing the way we think about things. When we are thinking about things that we don't want, we are attracting those things. A blog post from Attraction Mind Map reiterated the exact same thing that I was talking about.

Stop and ask yourself what you do want and it will realign your feelings about it to be more positive.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

God Is Everyone

We have been created in God's own image.

If this is so, why would we not be able to create as God creates?

If the theory that we are all One is true, then wouldn't the universe and the God who created it as well as everything else in the universe be One as well?

God is the creator. We are built in his image. We are all One. Hence, we are all God. We are all creators. We are all One.

Imagine what would happen if everyone in the world woke up one day and understood just how powerful we are as humans; if everyone understood how our minds and thoughts are capable of creating our own realities. What would that be like? How different would the world be? Or would it be the same?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ask and It Is Given

When I first began to notice my manifestations, I wondered how I did it. Later on, when I realized how I manifest things I questioned what my state of mind was like when I was asking the universe for something. Where was I, what was I thinking about? How did I know that I was going to get what I wanted?

There are many people who liken manifesting with ordering something from a catalog; for me it's essentially the same in mind. Meaning, the state of mind that we are in when ordering something. We simply ask, we expect to be given something and then we get what we asked form. It's that simple. When we order something we really desire, there's that excitement at knowing that in a couple of days we'll have it. It's the same thing when we order from the universe.

For me, there's a certain clarity that comes when I know I am in a true state of manifesting. My mind is calm, I have no worries or doubts about what I'm asking for and those worries and doubts do no enter my mind after I have stated my desire. It's like being in the zone. I ask something from the universe and the universe says, "So be it." It's not like it's hard for the universe to create something for us. Everything is made of the same stuff, and it happens to be a very malleable medium.

Things happen quickly when you let them happen. When I have manifested in the past, for instance, I asked for "a man in my bed". It took the universe about 3 days before I found that man to be in my bed. Though, he was only a man in my bed in a very literal sense, I still got exactly what I asked for and in that time in my life it was exactly what I needed.

After I asked for that man, I didn't wonder when it would happen, I didn't worry about it and I didn't wonder how it would happen. In fact, I didn't bother thinking of it again until I received it.

It was that sort of confidence where I didn't have to worry or wonder about what I was getting because I knew I was going to have it. After I asked, I didn't have to think about it anymore. It was a done deal.

If you force yourself to believe that you're going to get what you desire because you're thinking that you're not going to receive it, you're blocking that desire from fruition. Any sense of doubt will attract the doubt of it happening.

A really easy way to think about it would be to just think about the answer that the universe gives you for each thing you desire.

So Be It.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Quote for Friday

Whatever you think you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thursday, January 24, 2008

How do you feel?

Life is about learning. Every challenge we face brings about growth and transformation. Without those challenges, we would sit and stagnate and not expand ourselves in this lifetime to a greater understanding of the world around us. This is what life is all about - experience. It is up to us to experience as much as we can. From experience we learn. From learning, we expand. It is all connected. Experiences are all good. Each challenge, though it may seem difficult while in the midst of it, is a positive experience. The reason why they are difficult is so that we can fully appreciate them once we are able to look back at them and be able to see what the lesson was that was presented to us. Without difficulty, we would not remember what we learned.

My most recent lesson has been one of emotions. It is a lesson that I just had a refresher course in because, even though I had the lesson before, I needed to learn it better. Thus, a new challenge was issued and I flailed around until I figured out what I needed to learn.

Emotions belong to each of us. Each emotion that we feel is ours. We are the only ones who can feel our own emotions; we are the only ones that can create our own feelings about something or someone. We own them. We are their creators and we must take responsibility for them. No one can make us feel anything we don't want to feel. This is a hard realization for most people to make, and it's something that I still struggle with even though I've just had a few lessons in it. If we own our own emotions and are responsible for them, then why do we feel as though we must be responsible for other people's emotions as well? This was my lesson.

I am not responsible for anyone's emotions but my own. I cannot make anyone feel anything; it is not something that can be forced. Thus, I cannot say that someone has made me feel a certain way. I must own my emotions. I must remember to say, "I felt ______ when this happened." and not "You made me feel ______ when you did this."

Most importantly, I must remember that whatever it is that someone else feels, whether it be towards me or towards anything else, whether it be good or bad or indifferent, - I am not responsible for it. I am also not responsible to try to make that person feel any differently. This is not my job. My job is to see to my own happiness.

It is always my choice. I choose to feel the way I feel towards a person or a thing. I own it. If I don't want to feel a certain way, I won't. Why? Because I can.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stay in alignment

The state of being happy is one where we are vibrating at a high frequency. It feels like nothing can touch us; like all the good of the world is with us and flowing with us. It's like we're rowing our boat downstream. Everything comes easily to us and it feels right. This is when we are powerful and when our ability to manifest is potent. This is because when we are in a happy and positive state of mind we are the closest to the source of pure, positive energy in the universe; the essence of life. We are in alignment with it which makes it easy to manifest anything we desire.

When we manage to keep ourselves in this state for a while, things around us start to change. The people in our lives start to change around. The people who are not in alignment with us will fall to the periphery of our lives when they may have been in the center. This makes room for the people who are in alignment with us or for more possibilities to present themselves. We start to think positively about a lot of things and those things return that positive energy back to us - people become nicer or difficult things in our lives start to resolve and become easy.

I started being in a positive frame of mind a few weeks ago and I have noticed that the only people that are still in the center of my life - the ones who constantly want to hang out with me - are the ones who are in alignment with me. They are happy, they are positive and they love themselves. Everyone else who isn't on the same wavelength has fallen out of my little circle.

Strange things have happened to me. I started watching this manifesting video every morning and suddenly I get an email from a person that I don't really know very well who left the country and is not coming back when she thought she would be. She wants to pay me to sort through the stuff she left behind and send it to her. She's going to pay me to do this. Everything else is for me to keep or sell. The stuff that is left over is stuff that I don't necessarily need, but that I can sell easily. It's great! It was totally unexpected, but I manifested it into my life quickly because I kept myself in that positive mindset.

It's easy to stay positive. It's easy to bring good things into your life. Begin to be positive and see how many unexpected and wonderful things come to you from different places. I believe it more and more each day. It is amazing.

Let the good times roll!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Staying Positive

We all know those sorts of people who are always complaining about things and always have a negative statement to say. It happens all the time and once you have opened your eyes to the Law of Attraction, you realize just how negative other people can be. You also notice how you feel negative about things. I catch myself all the time.

What I try to do to stay in the positive mindset about things is to think in a positive sense. For instance, when I'm about to leave the house I used to say, "I hope I don't forget to...". Now I say, "I will remember to...." The universe doesn't catch the negatives in our thoughts. The main thought is "forget" and that is what will happen. Try it one day. Instead of saying "I hope I don't forget my keys" say "I'll remember my keys today." See what happens.

Once you are aware of all of the negative statements that are being said, you start catching yourself doing it as well. The one that I hear the most, and from my own mouth, is "I'm broke." I have changed this thought that has kept popping into my thoughts into "I'm getting money soon." But when I'm feeling really bad about something I usually use EWOP and leave it to my higher self to solve.

There are so many times when I catch people saying things in a negative way. When you catch yourself saying something in a negative tone, catch yourself and turn it into something that sounds wonderfully positive.

I don't want to be alone
I love the company of others

I don't like people who smoke
Non-smokers are my favorite kinds of people

I don't want to fail this course
I will pass this course..with flying colors.

Changing these little things about the way you think about things can make a huge difference. This way you are attracting more of what you want in your life and less of what you don't want. It works even better if you add some gratitude to the equation. Just start all of those little positive thoughts with "I am so grateful.."

It is such a simple way to keep popping out those positive thoughts. Try it for a few days and see what happens. It has worked a whole great deal of good for me and I plan on continuing to use it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A different perspective

A thing I get a lot from previous partners is "why do you always have to be right?" I find this pretty amusing because I really don't have to be right all the time, I don't mind it when I am proved wrong, but I will make you fight for it... just a little. I tend to like to say things that I believe are right in my own mind. This doesn't have to be true for anyone else, even though it is true for me. This is why perspective is a very interesting topic.

I present my views on things in this blog which may be along the same lines as someone who is reading it, or it may be completely different. It doesn't really matter because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I don't expect everyone to agree completely with what I write. That's not the point of this blog. This blog is here for me to share my opinion on whatever subject I decide to write about. I would openly love to have a debate about any of it.

I remember once trying to explain perspective to someone else. His argument was that there was only one truth. I simply explained that this was not the case because everyone has their own truth. I gave an example of someone hitting a telephone pole with their car. The person in the car will have a completely different perspective than an observer outside of the car. Therefore, the 'truth' to the person in the car would be different than the 'truth' to the observer outside of it.

To me, this makes a lot of sense. There have been a lot of times in my life where I would rely on a friend to give me a different perspective on a situation that I was in the middle of. Each person's view on a subject or situation is different. This is the world that we live in. We are all individuals. We all have different likes and dislikes. None of us are completely right or completely wrong when we form an opinion. It is our opinion and it is unique to us.

Friday, January 18, 2008

How to deal with stress, anxiety, fear and pain

Every day we have stresses in our lives. We have doubt and anxiety and fear about things. Sometimes they build up and feel overwhelming and they bring us down. They push our corks beneath the surface and hold us down from being in our natural state of happiness. There is something we can do about those day to day stresses - EWOP.

Everything works out perfectly.

This is a simple technique that I learned through this program that is so powerful that I had to share it with you! It helps you trust your higher self or subconscious into taking care of a problem in the best possible way. It doesn't matter if it's about money or love or school or anything else in your life that is causing you stress or pain or anxiety.

Take a few moments. Think about something that is keeping you from being absolutely happy. Whatever it is, picture it in your mind. Turn to your higher self and think or say "I turn it over to you. Take care of this for me in the best possible way." Trust your higher self to take care of it. Don't worry about the details or how it's going to happen. Say to yourself, "Everything work out perfectly" because it will.

The next step is a little breathing exercise. Focus towards the center of the earth and inhale, and then focus towards the heavens and exhale. When you inhale, you gather up these feelings of negativity - stress, unhappiness, fear, anxiety. When you exhale, release these feelings and problems to your higher self. Your problems are gone. They are being taken care of in the best possible way.

You can do this technique whenever you need help with something or whenever you have a concern about something. It will help you stay in that positive state of being instead of dipping into the negatives. I have been practicing it for a few weeks now and it has done my life wonders. It's not about manifesting anything, it's about helping bring about those little changes to your mindset when you aren't feeling like you're at your best.

It's easy to remember to EWOP. That's what I love about it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is Love?

I believe the answer to that questions will be different to everyone, yet similar in some fundamental ways. I looked up a couple of opinions about love and found some differing opinions.

Andrew Furmanczyk wrote that, "Love is a lot of things, but in it's most simplest definition I believe it is simply a great overpowering PASSION to have that person/thing stay in your life." I believe that this is very true on a basal level. He went on to say talk about how love is a measure of respect and the more you respect someone, the greater the love is. Respect and disrespect is "getting to know that person's qualities/character and agreeing/disagreeing with how they behave."

Click here to read the whole article.

had a little article on romance which said, "Love is looking at the person you married when he is greying and sick and thinking you want to wrap your arms around him. Love wants the person you are with to do what makes him happy even when this takes him away from you. Love is sitting across from the person you married and not understanding who they are but wanting to keep finding out. Love is hearing that your loved one has betrayed you but not wanting to run away. Love is a lot of things, but it is not easy and it is not free. It takes time and effort and devotion beyond all expectations. Love is worth the work." I agree with the gist of what this woman is saying. Love is about sharing your life with else's. It is a partnership that comes with devotion and a bit of work.

Yet another person on the Love forum for Powerful Intentions said, "Love is a lot of things, but rarely is it easy. It's easy to think on the fun times, but devotion (in my opinion) is about loving someone when it isn't necessarily fun or easy. That's when it counts."

It is true that love is a lot of things. Each person has a different view on what it is because it means a whole different thing to them. Each experience we have with love brings us closer to the understanding of what it is exactly. I don't know if any of us will know exactly what love is, but I'm sure that we will all know when we are in it.

What does love mean to you?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Extreme Money Manifestation

Today was an amazing day!

I receive loans from the states and I am much in need of the next one to come in, or at least I thought I was. I have been working on bringing money into my life. I started watching this video and things have started to turn around for me. I just started a job that is awesome! I'll keep it until the semester starts at the end of February. I got an email today from a friend who was in New Zealand with me for the year and went back home for the summer break. She transferred into OSU and I couldn't be happier for her! She and her friend (who is in the same boat) are going to pay me to pack their stuff up for them. I also get first dibs on whatever they're leaving behind and a car to either buy myself or sell and make a profit on (10%). This is exciting stuff! This was also completely out of nowhere.

About a week ago, I was surfing the blogs that I like to visit and I found this video on subliminal messaging and attracting money. It is awesome. I knew it would work and it is! I watch it every day and it is changing the way I do things and think about money - which is something I have wanted to do for a while.

I am so excited!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We Are All One

A chess board is a place where strategies come into play. Each move that a player makes affects the move that his opponent will take, as well as affecting all of the other pieces on the chessboard. These moves will affect the next set of available moves, and so on.

Life can be compared to a game of chess and I suppose that there are probably a lot of people out there that have made the same comparison. In fact, someone wrote a book on it. Who knew? Anyway, I was doing some thinking the other day and came to the conclusion that chess and life have a lot of similarities.

Every choice we make in life will affect our choices in the future. It will affect the people that are involved in our lives, whether we realize it or not. Some of these effects will be good, and some of them will be not good. All of these choices that are made - from the little things like hitting the snooze button to what shoes to wear to the big stuff like getting married - have effects that ripple outward from the time the choice is made to affect an infinite number of things which in turn affect other people and other things. It goes on and on. It's comparable to the Butterfly Effect where the tiny wings of a butterfly perhaps making minute changes in the atmosphere that can cause a tornado to form somewhere else in the world.

The cause and effect of everything that we do is what shapes the universe that we live in. Just as our thoughts and feelings help to bring forth new things for us, our actions also affect everything in the world around us. Who knows? What if sneezing in the right direction can set off a hurricane in the Pacific? These with so many variables for everything, just about anything is possible.

We have been given an all -knowing guidance systems that will always lead us in the right direction. What we call a soul, or higher self, or spirit is always with us. It is connected to the source of energy that all things are connected to. In this way, we are all one. This is why it is so important for us to know the difference between the inner voice that is our ego talking, just a refection of our minds and our higher self, which is a much softer voice. Some people can call it intuition, or a gut feeling. This is when our higher selves are trying to guide us to make the right decisions. It could be because we are on a crossroads of choices and a wrong move could set off catastrophes either in our own lives or in the lives of others, or it could be because one choice will lead us easily to the things that we desire and the other will lead us further away. In any case, whenever stuck at a crossroads where there are numerous choices before you, pause to check your intuition. What choice feels right?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Deliberate Creation - Want vs. Desire

Due to a recent break up in my life, I have been battling with my inner wants and what I think are desires. I constantly go back and forth between wanting this person back in my life as he used to be and counting it as a real blessing that he stepped out of it. I know in my heart that it is probably more of a blessing and that all of the things that I miss about him are the things that can be found with any other relationship, but I still want him. Or, at least I think that I want him. I probably just want what he gave me in the relationship which means that I need to just let him go.

*big sigh*

The spiritual journey that I am on is directly affected by the challenges and transformations that the ends of each relationship brings. One of the main reasons for this blog is to share this spiritual journey with everyone in the hope that readers will learn something from it, or at least be amused by my mishaps. Either way, I want to share my experiences with the world.

On my quest for knowledge I ran across a website that really sparked my interest. It is always amazing to me to suddenly want to know something about something and then find the exact thing that you needed to hear without even searching for it. I found this site searching for Deliberate Creation and I found it quite easily, but what I also found was this:
Desire can be seen as a "positive" feeling. When we desire something, we are exuberant, enthusiastic about getting and having it.

Want can be seen as a "negative" feeling. It equates with lack. It says to the Universe, "I need this particular thing, it's missing in my life and, without it, all is not well." This sets up a vibration of desperation, of tension and difficulty, and closes down our ability to notice and receive anything that is made available to us.
-- Don Beckett

That was when the hammer hit the nail on the head. I hadn't thought too much about wanting things because I thought that's what deliberate creation was all about. I thought it was about saying "I want this" and then putting some good thoughts out about it and ping there it was. I knew it was about the content of the thoughts that you have when you want something but actually defining the difference between desire and want made it all click for me. I believe that the article is true for the most part. We tend to want things that we don't have, therefore want them because the lack of them. Going back to the Law of Attraction, if like attracts like, then wanting something because of the lack of it will attract the lack of it.

The next paragraph of the article really hit home for me.

The classic example of wanting is unrequited love. When we desire a person who does not reciprocate the feeling, we tend to become obsessed with thoughts of them. Negative kinds of thoughts: longing, pining, self-pity, depression, neediness, sadness, desperation, hopelessness. Which not only kill any possibility of attracting the person, they squelch our ability to attract any sort of desirable people and experiences. We start to become a magnet for all kinds of negative things: sickness, accidents, and other people who are vibrating on the wavelengths of woe and self-pity and hopelessness.
-- Don Beckett

I have been pegged! All of the things that I had been thinking towards my ex in a nice little list. Oops. It is so easy for me to fall into the state of thinking about all nasty little things that I would like to say to him because they would make me feel better. It's usually at that point where I try to completely cast him out of my mind and think of happier things. I know that deep down, he believes he did the right thing that is all that should matter. I should not waste any energy on being mad at him because it won't do anyone any good.

There is no such thing as coincidence; the universe knows what it's doing. If we weren't meant to be together, then we were meant to be with someone better for us. It should be seen as a blessing even though it's sometimes hard to see past the gloom.

It seems as though the whole universe is waiting for me to pull myself together and make myself ready for the next person who will come into my life. When the time is right, after I have sorted through all of the emotions and have gotten completely over this one, the universe will let me stumble upon the next one. I have no doubt that he will be even better than the last. I can hardly wait!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Relationships and Decisions

There comes a point in our lives where we are faced with a tough decision to make. On the one hand, there is the decision that makes sense. It is the decision that is realistic. Then there is the decision that is based on feelings. This one may be skewed either way depending on other factors in the game. The realistic decision is based on fact. If all the facts add up, or if the realistic decision and the decision based on feelings are the same then the answer is easy.

Where it gets complicated is when the feeling and emotion towards a decision is confounded by wants. This can debase the whole decision making process and cause some major confusion. Take, for instance, a relationship. A partner leaving. The partner may have had a just and sound reason for doing so. Perhaps even to the point of it being the best decision for both people involved. However, when the person that has been left ends up wanting their partner back it clouds any sort of decision-making. The person who has been left is absolutely determined to somehow get that person back, even though the best course of action is to let them go. It doesn't happen with just relationships. It happens whenever there is someone who is determined in wanting some particular thing. The difference between wanting a person and wanting a particular thing is "free will".

What if this person wants their partner back and is willing to use everything in their power to get them back into their lives. I've perused the Law of Attraction forums and there are so many people who want to know how to use The Secret to get someone that broke up with them back. To me, this is almost silly. Most of the people who want their partners back admit that they were not perfect for each other. There is usually some fatal flaw in the relationship that has caused the other person to leave it. Wanting to have this person back and using the Secret for it is not the right thing to do. If you believe that everything happens for a purpose, then you must believe that they left you for a purpose. This 'purpose' is not just their reasons for it, it goes deeper than that. It comes down to some lesson that your soul or non-physical self believed that you needed to learn.

Trying to attract a certain person into your life is almost morally wrong. It's like forcing someone to do something that they don't want to do. They left, and then are forced to come back? No, that doesn't sound right. Instead, it would be a good idea to make a list of the qualities that are wanted in a perfect partner - write them down or make a mental list. Then the universe knows exactly what to create for you. Now, this person who left may pop back into your life again because it is the exact person that you asked the universe for, but if it isn't, then you can expect that someone even better will come along. Just trust it.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about a recent break-up and I find that if I just write it all down, it helps me gain some clarity on the situation. Hopefully, reading this post will help others gain some clarity as well if they are in the same situation.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Life is But a Dream

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

Isn't it wonderful how a simple childhood nursery rhyme could describe life so perfectly? Our bodies can be thought of as a boat for our non-physical selves in the physical world. Each of us learn how to move through life on a daily basis and guide our bodies from here to there to create unique experiences.

The idea is to let the river take us to where we need to be. Yet there are so many people out there who try to row upstream. Fighting against the flow for something that they think is right, or true, or real. They choose to go the hard way and work themselves to the bone because they think it's the only way to do things. They constantly fight against the current and end up a lot further upstream then they would have if they just trusted the river to guide them. The river knows where it is going. It may seem like it is winding and twisting in ways that aren't necessary, but to the river, it is the easiest course to take.

Merrily. Merrily. Merrily. Merrily. Life should be lived with as much joy as possible. Like the cork floating on the top of the water, our natural state of being is happy. We have been created from a stream of pure positive energy, therefore when we feel positive about life and everything in life, we are closest to our truest form. It takes a lot of energy to have negative feelings about anything. This is because it isn't true to what we were made from. It is easy for us to hold onto that negative emotion because it seems a lot easier than letting go of it. For some of us, we have been holding onto it for so long that it becomes really hard to even think about letting go because it feels as if it has almost become a part of us.

The lives that we lead are ones that are shaped by the choices we make. All of our choices up to this point have created our worlds that we live in. Our own dreams are ours and we can change them to suit the mood when we are dreaming them. Life can be changed in much the same way. We are each at the helm of our own boats. Through the choices we make we can change our lives to be anything that we want it to be.

We are all powerful creatures - each and every one of us. When looking at it from the point of view from people who practice the Universal Laws, it makes sense. Here is this universe and all it does is create. The things that it creates are all through what we think. That is how powerful each and every human being is on this planet. We have the power to create anything that we want to create. It is ours. We are all made from the same 'stuff'.

If we are all these powerful creators, then why are we where we are at right now and not any further? The only thing that is holding us back is ourselves. It is because we don't realize how powerful we are. It seems as though many of us are content with letting the leaders lead while we sit there and follow. It's like tying up our boats to someone else's in a long line and letting them decide where we go. We have forgotten that it's our lives, our choice, our creation, our reality. That is why so many of us are stuck in a job with a pile of bills with what looks like no out, because we can't believe that there is one. We think to ourselves that this is the way it works and this is the way it will be. End of story.

If only we had the courage to cut those lines that tie us to the boat in the lead and make our own way down the river. It seems as though the lines that bind us are filled with fear and hopelessness. It's the "I can't" attitude that can so easily catch us and fill us with despair.

Now is the time to take all of the things that you don't like about your life, all of the things that are holding you back from your dreams and change them. It is in your power to do it. The only thing that you actually have to do is believe. The only thing that is stopping you is you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How do we manifest?

The creative process that is explained in the movie, The Secret is simple to understand yet difficult to master. It was described as having three steps.

  1. Ask - This can be just thoughts. They don't necessarily have to be spoken out loud. Think of it as placing an order with the universe. This is a catalogue that has everything imaginable in it and it never has anything on back order. It is all-abundant.
  2. Answer - This is something the Universe does on its own. Our thoughts have such power that the Universe simply rearranges things to make stuff happen. It does this effortlessly. It isn't important to figure out how it does it, or how it's going to happen. It just does.
  3. Receive - This is the tricky part. This is where it becomes important to be aligned with what has been 'ordered'. It is a positive emotion. There must not be any doubt with it. It is one of the hardest things to overcome, the doubt, but once it happens the rest is easy.
"What you think, what you feel and what manifests is always a match, no exceptions." - Abraham through Esther Hicks

I have have some experience manifesting in my lifetime. I didn't realize I was doing it until recently. What I have been manifesting is relationships. It seemed so natural to me. The funny thing is that I received exactly what I wanted each time. This has made me become very careful with what I ask for now. Why? I'll tell you. The first time I remember manifesting a man in my life I said, "I am ready for a real relationship." This was after a long period of one-nighters. I was tired of them, I wanted something stable. I did indeed get a relationship with a great guy. The only thing was that he wasn't the right person for me. I knew this almost immediately but decided to give it a go and see where it went. Three years later it ended. The relationship was just that, a relationship. Despite the fact that we got along pretty darned good, there wasn't any spark there for me. It's hard to explain.

The next one was right after that relationship. I said that I didn't want to be alone. I needed people around. The next day, I got a call from an old friend who was flying back into town. Her and I go way back and it was refreshing to have someone around. She decided to see what one of our mutual friends was up to and suddenly there was this new guy in my life. That was a relationship and a half. Guess what? He was a bit clingy. He never left me alone. I got to have an old friend to hang out with for a while and a new relationship with a guy who pretty much drove me nuts.

A few years later I was on my own again. I was enjoying myself and having a good time. Then I started that thinking process again. I took more notice of it this time around. It was something I felt. I knew I was ready to manifest someone else into my life. It felt like a window of opportunity. It was like, 'if you don't ask something now you won't get anything'. So I asked. I said, "I want a man in my bed." That weekend, I hooked up with one of the funniest guys I've met in a long time. We started a thing with each other. I'd see him on the weekends when he was in town. We didn't do anything but hang out in my bed. That was it. I got exactly what I asked for. A man in my bed. He didn't want anything serious and I was perfectly happy about that. It dissolved when one of us tried to change what we had into something more. It wasn't meant to be anything more than what it was; what I had asked for. It took me a while to figure that one out.

The next manifestation was one where I decided to get a bit bolder. I asked for, "A man I can share a good portion of my life with." What I really wanted to ask for was 'the one'. I wanted the big one, I wanted the soul mate. I changed my mind at the last moment and asked for this other thing. I got exactly that as well. I met a guy and before I knew it, I was taking him home with me. We got on a plane and stayed with my parents for a few weeks. I got to show him my old stomping grounds where I grew up, what I did as a kid. I got to let him meet my old friends and my parents. Right after that trip, he broke it off with me. Again, it wasn't meant to be anything more than what I had asked for. I had exactly what I wanted. I met someone and shared my whole childhood with him. That was it.

I wonder what would have happened if I had asked for the Soul Mate? If I hadn't chickened out and asked for what I actually wanted. I was ready to ask for it as well, but I didn't. I believe it was one of those life lessons that I had to learn. Don't worry, I did a lot of learning with that relationship. I have done a lot of learning with all of my relationships.

Life is about growing and learning and changing. It's about making yourself better with each challenge. It's a good thing to remember.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Let your mind be your guide

"The mind is everything; what you think, you become." - Gautama Buddha

I think that statement says it all. After years of thinking things like "I'm broke" and "I'm just an average student" I have finally come to a turning point in my life where I catch myself before saying such things (even to myself) and turn them around. I don't even think about being broke anymore. I think about money that I will receive. I tell myself when studying that I am a good student, that I understand exactly what the exam questions are asking me and I am able to deliver a really good answer. I got better grades this semester than I have since I came to study in New Zealand. I have also managed to get the ball rolling on a loan that I've been trying to receive since October.

I realize the problem with the loan. I wanted this money because I was broke. I was focused on the fact that I needed the money because I didn't have enough. This challenge probably has something to do with the fact that I am a full time college student. I spend 40 hours a week in classes alone. What spare time I do have is usually spent relaxing or studying. Money and the lack thereof has always been an issue. This is one area of my life that I intend to change. So I changed it. I said to my higher self, "Hey, can you give me some help in this area? Thanks." A few days later, everything lined up, I called the loan company and they said they'd gladly mail me a check all I had to do was fax them some information. This was a blessing.

I'm also catching myself saying things like "I'm going to have to remember my wallet" instead of "I hope I don't forget my wallet." I must say, that it has been working really well.

I will have to follow the words of Buddha because they are very wise indeed.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Physical and Non-Physical selves

This is the new book by Esther and Jerry Hicks (and Abraham) that I've been keeping an eye on. I only have read the first 2 chapters since that's all would let me see without purchasing the book. I wanted to share some thoughts on what I read.

A while ago, I was taking an intro philosophy course. I remember the professor lecturing on Aristotle's beliefs about what happens when we die. He told us that Aristotle believed that when we died, our souls went to a place much like heaven to wait to be reborn again. They took all of their experiences during the previous lifetime to this place of soul congregation and do whatever souls do. When the time came for a soul to be reborn, he would bathe himself in "waters of forgetfulness" before leaving the place of souls and returning to earth in a physical body. Now, these "waters of forgetfulness" were such that, if the soul did not bathe himself completely and missed some spots, some of that divine knowledge would go with him into this new body of his. Aristotle believed that this explained why some people were born who seemingly "knew stuff" that others did not. Or, why some people were visionaries beyond their times or why some people were psychic, or seers, or whatever.

The Astonishing Power of Emotions tells us that our non-physical selves come from a place full of pure positive energy. It is our non-physical selves that want to branch out and live in the physical world. This expansion of their awareness is borne from an idea, and from that idea we are born into the physical universe. We do not begin at our births because we exist before our births in a non-physical plane.

A physical body gives our non-physical selves a different point of view. It is the relationship with our physical and non-physical selves that is important. This relationship is what we, as physical beings, need to explore. Our physical bodies are not closely connected to that pure positive energy source that our non-physical selves are a part of. We are but a manifestation of an idea that our non-physical selves put forth in order to expand their own knowledge. Our physical lives are new and bring with them new and different experiences to help our non-physical selves expand. I'm thinking that our non-physical selves are like the light shining through a keyhole onto our lives. By exploring the relationship between our physical and non-physical selves we can make some huge discoveries and open the door and let the light shine in fully.

Personally, I have felt for a while that all of my life's challenges were presented to me in such a way as to make me learn and grow from them. Each of these challenges have been built upon by the one before it. The challenges of learning have been small and on-going, sort of like a "this is what you must do, no questions. Just do it." Yet, I think that the challenges of money in my life have been propagated by my own physical self and the beliefs that society places upon us as to what money is and how one must attain it. The most interesting of these challenges must be the ones of emotion, of love and of relationships. Each of my relationships with men have taught me something fundamental. With each challenge comes transformation. It is how we grow.

If you believe that we are extensions of our non-physical selves, and that we are here to expand our knowledge by having new lives with new experiences, then you are on your way to opening that door.

Some things to think on.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Secret - Movie

I found a wonderful website today about the three universal laws that I have been talking about. The website also had the movie, The Secret that was the original movie before they cut out Esther Hicks and Abraham. I did not know this before and wondered how Rhonda Byrne could have collected a whole bunch of people who used The Secret in their daily lives and manage to miss Esther and Jerry Hicks! If you were wondering the same thing you can read Esther's statement about what happened here.

I have to be honest with you, until tonight I have never seen the movie before. I read the book last year sometime, but never got around to watching the movie. I decided that I really did want to watch the movie and the other night I was talking to a friend of mine and I mentioned The Secret and she told me that she has the DVD. I had no idea she had seen the movie! She offered to drop it off to me, but since I just saw it online I guess she doesn't have to now. Thank you Universe for making it easy!

Watching the movie made me remember all of the things that I should be doing in my life but haven't been applying. I'm very thankful that I was able to watch it and refresh myself about how I can apply The Secret to my whole life.

I hope you enjoy the original movie. It includes Hebrew subtitles.

How do you use The Secret?

I just came across this great video on YouTube and I thought I'd share it with everyone here. It completely summarizes the idea behind using the Law of Attraction in our lives.

Be Happy
Think Positive Things
Be Grateful For Everything In Your Life
Love Yourself

Use the Law of Attraction to attract wealth and prosperity, happiness, love, partners or anything else you want into your lives. Our thoughts become things. Our positive feelings send out vibrations into the Universe. The better the feeling, the higher the vibration. When we are feeling good and vibrating on that high frequency, anything we put our mind to becomes a reality. It's really that simple.

Imagine feeling good every day? Imagine attaining everything you ever wanted in your life? How good would that feel? It feels absolutely fantastic! This is what I want to share with the world.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Moola! Play games, win money!

I thought I'd change it up a little bit and talk to you about another great opportunity to earn money online. Moola is a site where members play online games against another member for cash. It is free to join and it uses sponsors to supply each new member with a small amount of money.

How Moola works is by giving everyone who signs up a penny. People play games online with each other and if they win the game their money is doubled. That means that you enter with a penny, win and get back two. Enter with two pennies, win and get back four. If you do that 30 times, you have yourself 10 million dollars! All you have to do is keep winning!

You can either bet it all or bet a portion of it. If you lose all of your money you can look at an advertisement on the site and the sponsors will give you a penny and you can then begin again.

You can cash out at any time and they will mail you a check.

Another great thing about Moola is that it has a referral program! This program lets you earn cash when you get people to join and play games on Moola. Your referral network goes four tiers deep as well! That's a lot of potential income! Every time one of your referrals (or their referral, or the referral's referral) cashes out or gets a booster, you get a bonus equal to a percentage of their amount cashed out or won. It's that simple.

The only catch is that you must be within the USA or Canada to use Moola because they use your mobile phone to confirm your account.

Personally, I love this website. It is easy and straightforward and a lot of fun! Please feel free to check it out and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Some thoughts for the New Year

Every time you praise something,
Every time you appreciate something,
Every time you feel good about something,
You are telling the Universe,
"More of this please. More of this please."
You need never again make a verbal statement of this intent,
And if you were allowing your cork to float - all good things would flow to you.

-Abraham thru Esther Hicks

Excerpted from a workshop in Silver Sprin, MD Saturday, April 19th, 1997.


As I read this little excerpt today that was posted in the Love forum on the Powerful Intentions website I realized that it can apply to every aspect of our lives. What we put out into the Universe is that which we attract. This is the theory about using the Law of Attraction and the Science of Getting Rich program that I have a link to at the top of this page. By using this simple Law, it is possible to attract wealth and anything else that you want into your life. This is what this blog is all about. I am attracting readers like you to read this blog and to see what I have to say at the same time you have been attracted to this blog because you want to either learn about The Secret, or you want to learn about the SGR program or making some money online. It's as simple as that.

"Allowing your cork to float" is such a good analogy. It simply means that our natural state of being is happy and positive. When we are being true to ourselves and letting our joy and happiness flow through us we are letting our cork float. When we bog ourselves down with negative thoughts and feelings we are pushing that cork under the water. If we let go of those negative feelings our corks will simple float to the surface on their own because that is what they do naturally.

Don't hold yourself down. Don't say that you're 'broke' because that's what you'll be attracting. Money is something that everyone has the right to have and there's more than enough of it in the world for everyone to have their million. Feel good about money and money will feel good about you. Why would it want to line your pockets when you're always putting it down and complaining that you never have any of it? That's not what it likes! Money wants to be loved and appreciated; it wants people to feel good about using it for good things! What would you do with $1000 a day for the next 40 years? What if you couldn't keep any of it and had to spend it? What would you do with it?

Stop and think about how you've been thinking about money (or anything else for that matter) and see if it has successfully stayed in your life. Are there big differences in your attitude towards something good that has stuck around in your life and the things that you always want but never quite get or never hold onto for long? If you can say that there are differences, perhaps it's time to start the new year off with a little adjustment in that department?

If you like this post, feel free to comment and leave me some feedback.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Today I would like to share with you a post made by a man called Owen Waters. He is an international spiritual teacher that's been sharing his views on New Awareness since 1963.

This was an article that I found online a few years ago and it made me stop and think about the world in general. Please let me know what you think!

Here it is:

Did you ever see something go wrong around you and suddenly burst out, “How on Earth did I create that?”

Really, how can bad things happen, even to the sweetest, kindest, most spiritual people on the planet? Where’s the fairness in that?

The root of the question lies partly in the fact that we live in a state of polarity consciousness. This is a point of view where life is seen as a contrast between opposing forces, and that events are either good or bad. Good or bad is a judgment issue. Judgment belongs in third-density, physical consciousness. Yes, in physical consciousness, bad things do exist, and they appear that way because they’re designed to.

Life is like a stage, or a movie set where scripts are acted out for the experience that they will bring. The ‘props’ upon the stage of life consist of good ones and bad ones because we are here to experience duality consciousness. But, when you rise above judgment to a higher vista of consciousness, you begin to view the arrival of an unpleasant occurrence in your life as the challenge that it was intended to be.

Challenges are designed, at a soul level, to give rise to change. Change then opens the door to the opportunity for transformation, and transformation is our main purpose in life.

Your soul thinks very much in terms of service to others, so your purpose in life is to transform, not only yourself, but all of humanity to a higher level of consciousness. As a member of the group mind of humanity on Earth, everything that you do is reflected within the whole. Many challenges are undertaken, more for the transformation that they will bring to others, than for the change they will bring to you.

Transformation itself – the natural progress of the spirit - can be effortless. But when a blockage to that transformation exists, pain may be the price necessary to dissolve that blockage. People often take on pain in their lives, not because they need to transform themselves, but because their souls see that society needs to work through certain major issues and they volunteer to be a part of that transformation.

In some people’s lives, challenges come thick and fast. In others, they do not, at least for that lifetime. When a person completes a particularly challenging lifetime, they may follow it up with a quiet, pleasant and restful incarnation, one where nothing outstanding happens at all.

Challenges are the tools of transformation

Without that tension in life, nothing moves, nothing progresses. Huge issues are worked through by millions of people at a time. Take any issue - equality of the sexes, equality of race, control issues, abuse, violence, equal access for the handicapped - and there are millions of people working through each issue at any one time in history.

Sometimes people make obvious progress in helping shift the paradigm. Sometimes they pass away before their time, a seeming victim of the old reality, having made no apparent progress. However, whatever they do in their lives, the experience of just being alive in their situation is added to the massive paradigm shift in consciousness which is occurring at that time. No effort is wasted. No one fails. Everyone contributes to the experiences which follow each challenge.

What about the December 2004 Indonesian tsunami, the largest natural disaster in recorded history? What exactly did more than 170,000 souls join together to achieve? Did they soften the psyche of a world fixated upon terrorism and war? At a conscious level, we don’t know exactly why they agreed to such a monumental sacrifice. At their all-knowing soul level, however, they did plan to be a part of this massive event, because that is how life works.

Souls do not experience accidents, they create realities

When you reach the deepest level of sleep at night, you move into your fully-aware, soul consciousness. When you reach this level of consciousness you may then join with your extended soul family and with all of the other soul families on this planet to plan, quite literally, what tomorrow will bring. Even if the focus of your attention does not reach this inner level on a particular night, your soul level of consciousness is still fully aware and functional in its own right. You then, as part of the whole of humanity, create that tomorrow. To your conscious mind the next day, some of these plans may even appear as surprises and wake-up calls as they unfold before your daily, waking consciousness.

It is not by chance that, when your time comes to leave your physical body and pass on to the spirit world, your guides will be there to meet you. Your guides, along with friends and relatives who have passed on before you, will meet you at the exact moment of your passing. They will be there because, as the event draws near, they know exactly when to expect you. This is because souls do not experience accidents, they create realities.

Not all challenges in life are a part of massive societal shifts. A challenge may just as easily be personal. Something that is, perhaps, chosen as a tool to break up a long-standing blockage within a person’s psyche. It is almost surreal to hear a cancer survivor reflect on their new-found health and say, “Cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me.” What they mean is that the challenge transformed them by releasing old blockages which were cheating them of a fuller life.

We may never know all of the reasons why bad events happen. What we do know is that, in a world which habitually contrasts light and dark, the events which appear bad can often be the greatest opportunities for transformation within ourselves, for those around us and for humanity as a whole.

Who is to say that, at a soul level, we didn’t volunteer to carry a heavy load purely for the love of others? Certainly the most spiritual people can, and do, carry the heaviest loads, and they do so in such a way that their service fills the world with the light of their love.


If you are interested, the original article can be found here.