Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Laws..

In my previous post I talked about how I rediscovered the secret and how it was my mother who introduced me to the concept about a decade ago. I've kept those emails for years and I really do go and read through them when my life feels like it's losing focus. I would like to share them with you now, so without further ado...


Your soul. This is the part of you that some call the Inner Being or the True Self. It is the part of you that is the culmination of all your past experiences and is very wise and absolutely adores you. She knows you and loves you and is always with you. She is your connection with the Life Force of the Universe. She communicates with you through your emotions. There are only two emotions: good or bad though they may have different names. When you are being true to your self, you are happy, content and even joyful. When you let your true self flow, you are productive, happy, everything goes your way. When you do not let her flow thru you, you are lonely, unhappy, frustrated, etc. When you are feeling negative emotion then you are resisting your true self.


The only thought important to you are your own thoughts. The only opinions that are important to you are your own opinions. What you think of yourself affects your entire universe. Your natural state is one of health and well-being. You are a powerful being who has chosen to be here in this time. Every day, look for those experiences that make you feel good, that are satisfying to you.


The Law of Attraction is a funny one. It is your thoughts that do the attracting. It is also your thoughts that do the creating of your reality. The balance of your thoughts up to now is what you are living. That is the balance between the positive and negative thoughts that you have had in the past. It is your thoughts now that create your future. If you direct your thoughts to create the positive things you want in your life, then your actions would follow suit. One good thought attracts other good thoughts which attract other good thoughts, etc. So too do negative thoughts work the same way.

So how come, if I can think and put out there the thoughts of what I want, I get bad stuff. Let's take money for example. I go around a lot saying, I can't get that because I can't afford it or that I don't have enough money and I keep digging myself into a hole. I can say to the universe "I want money!" If I say it because I am feeling the lack of it, then I am attracting more lack, not more money. Attraction happens when there is strong emotional pulling. If I feel bad when I say "I want money!" then I will attract the negative. All of life has both positive and negative to it. The world is constantly balancing itself.

I'll tell you what works for me. I think instead about what I want and I say to the world, ok, I want this. This is why I want it and what I want to do with it and I visualize myself using it and this makes me happy. Then I trust in the world to send me what I want. I allow it to happen and sometimes, I get the money for it, but sometimes, it shows up in unexpected ways. The trick is not to worry about it and to EXPECT it to happen.

Wanting has to come from a happy positive emotion to be positive. When you are feeling good, like when you are listening to music or going for a walk, is when you should think about and say to the world about what you are wanting. Maybe you want to know what you want. That is ok too. Just think about why you want to know this and what you want to accomplish. Anything is possible.

I still have those negative thoughts. You know those ones that come from the critics in you: the little brat who always whines to get her way, the committee that gives you all the SHOULDS and SHAME ON YOU and WHAT WILL THEY THINK?, the mother who never thinks you do anything right, and the old hag who is just plain crazy. I can always tell when I start talking negatively to myself, then I feel bad. Some times I can do that little mind turn, that pivot that gets me going in the right direction. I think about what it is that I really want, why I want it and why I should have it. If I can't do that, I try to think of something else. Try to put that bad stuff out of my mind. Sometimes, I get too busy to even try and then I really get into a state like worrying over money, or eating too much. You know. I am the only one who can create in my reality. When you realize that, it makes you free. When I can get all my thoughts flowing in the same direction, then I feel my power. Everything I am saying to you, you already know. Your Inner Self knows it. Trust in yourself.


Ok you know the law of attraction and the law of deliberate creating. The last one is the law of allowing, which is basically that each person does his or her own creating. The law is you have to let other people do what they do even if you don't agree with them; even if they are criticizing you or looking at you funny. That is their prerogative. You do not have to be influenced by them. And you can't judge them because you do not know what their truth is. This is a hard law to really take. These three laws are suppose to work even if you do not believe in them and they work all the time whether you are deliberate about creating your world or not. I do not know how much of it I believe. This is what I do believe. That every body and every thing in this world has a balance. That balance is comprised of good and the absence of good. You know the axiom of there is always two sides to a story. In every moment we all have the potential to choose one or the other. This balance is in everything in nature. Light is balanced by dark, yin and yang, hot cold, up down, etc. This balance is actually all of our choices that make anything possible. Some churches want you to believe that anything that they consider as not good is evil. This is a very short sighted view. Take the long view and you will see that the absence of what is thought good is sometimes just another choice another truth. Even Hitler thought he was right. Everyone has got their biases. I am not sure how far you want to take this. Freedom also has its down side.

These laws by the way sound very much like Descartes, with his "I think therefore I am." If you take it to its natural conclusion of - if you create by your thoughts, then you are constantly creating yourself.

Growth is a never ending process. There is no reaching perfection. Only the balancing and rebalancing of each moment. God is not a perfect being that we are all striving to become or achieve. We are always connected to the Life Force and our awareness, attention and focus is that of the Life Force. All of our experience adds to this Energy and
this Energy is there for us to mold our lives with, to create our reality. When we stand in our power and accept and flow in our true selves, we do not need the approval of anyone else. At your age you may still be striving to become. At my age it is good to just be.

It is not necessary for you to believe any of this. That is not my reason for writing all this. You will have to find your own philosophy of your life. I wanted you to know what mine is.

Love, Mom


Thank you, Mom. I love you as well.

The only thoughts I would like to add are the ones on the Law of Allowing. This Law is not only about allowing others to be whoever they're going to be, this Law is also about trusting the Universe. It is the final step to attracting and deliberate creating. You think positively about something means you deliberately create it. In order to receive your manifestations, you must allow them to happen. It's sort of like ordering something from a catalog, once the order is placed you know that you're going to get it in the mail. It's a done deed. The same is true when you ask the Universe for something. You feel good, you ask it, it's done. The only thing you have to do is wait for it. Time spent fretting about the 'ifs' and 'whens' of something can only delay it from happening. Worrying whether or not it's going to happen is a negative emotion. Doubting something will happen attracts doubt. Trusting that it will happen, will make it happen. If it seems impossible, think that it is possible. Allow it.



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Friday, December 28, 2007

What's "The Secret" all about?

The book and movie by Rhonda Byrne were inspired from a book that was created 100 years ago by a Wallace D. Wattles entitled "The Science of Getting Rich". If you would like to read this book, you can do so on-line here.

The Secret discusses the Law of Attraction and how harnessing it can help you create your life the way you want it to be. This may be a new concept for many people but it is a very good idea to hold in your thoughts. The Law of Attraction is something that was introduced to me over 10 years ago by my mother. She is and has always been a sources of spiritual inspiration for me and I will be forever grateful for her many contributions of 'the divine' in my life.

She wrote me a series of emails about three laws that govern the universe. The first is the Law of Attraction, then the Law of Deliberate Creating, and the Law of Allowing. These three laws work in synergism to help to create each of our lives. They are at work whether or not we believe in them or not.

I saved these emails and over the years I have shared them with people who needed to change their mindset about life. They have been read with an open mind and the people I shared them with have been truly grateful.

I went through a bad time in my life and I was constantly thinking negatively about all of the things that have gone wrong and why they went wrong. It was a really poor way to think about things and I had forgotten about the Laws my mother shared with me. It was a deep hole of thought that I believe my inner self was trying to climb out from.

I walked into a store and decided to browse the book racks. I saw a little book called "The Secret" and sort of laughed and wondered what the 'big secret' was? I opened it up and began reading. I suddenly realized just how my negative thoughts were affecting my life and how me wanting to dig myself out of the mess had brought me back in touch with the Laws.

My mindset changed and I realized that if I wanted to be happy, there was nothing stopping me but myself.

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